Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Aubrey is starting to dress up. She loves to wrap her fluffy boa around her neck and prance around the house all day. Whenever we go anywhere she has to pack and bring her pink furry purse of all of the essentials.....princess cell phone(just in case she gets lost), her my little pony and of course the treasured binky!
She is what she wanted to wear when we went shopping on Saturday!


Darin and Carolyn said...

Sheesh hard to keep up..you posted everything all at once lol. I love those pics of Aubrey though, she is so dang cute!!

Darin and Carolyn said...

Yeah about that thing I made of Brylie, yes i can print it off but I have to pay like 2.99 or something like that. But I think I am going to anyway cuz I like it a lot! And I was going to ask you what that thing was that you do the digital scrapbooking. I tried to find some online the other day and couldn't find it and I know you got a card from that craft fair that has a website or something.