Monday, September 29, 2008

I had a great birthday! Here are some pictures of what we did! Kyle had a field trip for his preschool so we all went to that. We went to Farmer Sutton's Farm. He has a pumkin patch and and a bunch of apple trees. He also has a tons of animals! Kyle and Aubrey had fun feeding the the horse apples! He also had a 900 pound pig! That is the biggest pig that I have ever seen!

Kyle loves to go and talk to the policemen, ambulance guys, and firefighters when he sees them in town. One time one of the guys told him to stop by the station and they would give him a tour. He's been asking nonstop to go and see them for about a month and a half. Finally we decided to take him. He thought it was so cool!

That night we went to Walle at the movie theatre. After the movie we had my favorite cake! Chocolate cake with strawberries, pudding, and whip cream! Yummy!
It was a great birthday! We celebrated all day long!

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